Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama earns my respect

While hillary jumps on McCain bandwagon, Obama has earned my respect by coming out against the gas tax cut. Hillary claims that gas tax cut can be financed with oil company's windfall tax. That would do essentially the same thing as a gas tax hike (as my proposal, with possibly a tax rebate to consumers) except 2 key points:

1. Americans essentially get a gas tax rebate under her proposal vs Americans get a gas tax hike but a general tax rebate (or specific energy conservation tax rebate) under my proposal. Demand for gas will be stimulated under her proposal vs suppressed under mine.
2. Refiners are free to hike prices any how to make up for the windfall tax. While OPEC is not affected and can hike prices more because of increased demand for gas.

Now if Obama comes out to actually want to hike gas tax or start OPIC organization, he will get my vote too.

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